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Aisha de Elimire


Noble star of elmir

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Tyron De Elmir (Father)

Iris De Elmir (Mother)Ysis De Elmir (Older Brother)


Princess of Elmir

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Episode 2

Even with the unbearable pain of my eyes being burned, I did not close them. No one believed me, nor did anyone hear me out, Everything felt pointless. O goddess Selena, The goddess of the empire as well as the goddess of the moon and revenge, Is there no chance for me to attempt revenge or resolve my grudge? In that case, please kill me already. And make it so I’ll never be reborn as a human again!

Aisha de Elimire is the main protagonist of Into the light once again and the first princess of Elimire Empire

After being framed by her sister, Marianne del Edenverre for attempted poison in her previous life as Alissa, she wishes not to be re-born anymore. However, her wishes are unanswered and finds herself in the womb of her mother, Iris de Elimir. Her brother, Ysis de Elimir (Or the crown prince) softly calling out to her, with a soft lullaby. Will she overcome her trauma?


With Gemlike blue eyes and cloudy, silver hair. This was to much attention and praise for a ten-month-old baby. Seven-year-old Aisha:

As a seven-year-old girl, Aisha has neck-length silver hair with a fringe, that is styled down most of the time. She wears dresses befitting of a princess.

Fourteen-year-old Aisha

As a fourteen-year-old girl, Aisha has waist-length silver hair with a fringe that is styled up into a high ponytail most of the time. At the age of fourteen, she is finally allowed to attend parties and starts wearing dresses befitting for a banquet.

On her fourteenth birthday, she wears a light-blue dress that’s adorned with various accessories in shades of gold, a darker shade of blue and white. Aisha’s full outfit is not fully shown, however, it is seen that Aisha wears two blue roses on her right shoulder and a sort necklace that covers her chest. It has beads strung onto it and a star on the center. She wore her hair half-up in a braid that’s kept in-place with her bow.

On the first banquet, she wears a white and light purple dress with various patterns all over it. She wears a dark blue waist-bow with various accessories adorning the object, including pearls. She wore her hair half-up in two pigtails on the top of her head with light purple flowers adorning it.


Being the first princess of Elimire empire, she possesses proper savoir-faire and presents herself in a graceful and respectable manner. Many love her as a holy maiden. At first, she was rather hostile towards her new family, but gradually became more and more open towards them. Eventually telling Ysis her previous life. It is also shown that her family believes her and trusts her, shown when Ysis trusted Aisha when opening up about her previous life. They love and trust her deeply. At the age of fourteen, she is completely open with her family, but has not told her mother and father about her previous life. Though, they are shown to be extremely close with eachother, showing that she has let go of her previous life